Need center to center measurement for Tool 2079

syljay syljay at
Fri Mar 28 14:07:43 PDT 2008

Huw Powell wrote:
>> What setting would you set the 100 ft torque wrench to get 332 ft-lbs 
>> at the crank bolt?
>> 332 ft-lbs would be the setting.
> Or hang 166 lbs of body weight on a 45 degree four foot pipe.  Not too 
> hard in practice.  Fussing with the 2079 is really pointless.
**** Yup.
On the other hand, I made a simple "2079" using a pipe and two breaker 
bars. See my other post on that.
And, it doubles as an extension for removing the bolt if you dont have 
an impact wrench.

> "Professionals" just use their 900 foot-pound impact wrenches, if they 
> can line up on the bolt.  (And usually don't even need the 2084, since 
> the hammering action tends not to turn the engine anyway)
**** Yah! I used my impact wrench to remove the bolt. It was out in a 
flash and the engine didnt turn.
Oh yes, I took off the car front end, otherwise you have no access for 
the impact wrench.
But, for putting the bolt back in . .well . .what the hell . . I now 
have my el-cheapo,tripler version of tool 2079. Might as well use that.

SJ in NJ

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