Brake Fluid Testing strips

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Ok - while we're on the subject - how much should one expect to spend on
one and are there preferred products?

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> From: "Mark R" wrote:
> Grant, I beg to differ... continuous (not hand pump) vacuum is the
> but pressure is easier.  I recommend vacula's products to those with
> air, and that's what I use.  A good example is:  Pressure is
> bad for reservoir seals, where vacuum is completely safe there.
> motive is a good way to go.
> And you're right, most clubs require fluid to be less than 2 years old
> run on the track.  Of course, some have no rules, and others are
> =)
> Mark
> On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 12:31 PM, Grant Lenahan <glenahan at>
> wrote:
> get a power ( pressure) bleeder - its great.  Much safer than vacuum,
> much easier than old-fashioned
> Grant
I've used a Motive pressure bleeder for years - change the brake fluid
twice per season on the 928 track car,  changed MANY others also.  Can't
count how many times I've done it,  maybe a hundred times. Did the a6qa
when I first got it,  too.  Never had a problem,  I keep the pressure to
about 10 pounds.  I can change the fluid in the 928 in about 1/2 hour,
from the time I start to torquing the wheels and putting it back on the
ground,  including the clutch fluid.  



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