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Mon May 5 09:35:48 PDT 2008

Ahh yes... the days before I subscribed to the digest form.  Back in  96 when 
I had an email account at school.  I was subscribed to the q-list  
( or something) and became notorious for crashing the email  server 
because of too many emails!  I was a commuter, and didn't have  classes on friday, 
so I left school on thurs afternoon and returned on Monday  morning.  I would 
probably make it to the computer lab by tuesday....and my  inbox was 
overloaded a couple times and crashed the system.  To the point  that they knew who I 
was, and suspended my account till I unsubscribed!   Then I got smarter and 
found the digest form.  See.....this list does help  in education!  hahaha  

Craig K.  Porter
98 A4 2.7tq  6-speed, Stage  2+

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