Hollow Sound ('86 5kTQ)

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Wed May 7 08:50:57 PDT 2008

That's a good idea. It could also be the windshield washer reservoir. On a 22 year old car the mounting is probably very weak, and it may have crumbled. IIRC it s in the back of the engine compartment, near the firewall.

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Is it inside or outside the car?  The ECU is bolted to the inside of the car
right in front of the passenger door.  There's a carbon canister and perhaps
a vacuum accumulator behind the right front wheel, under the fender.

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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When driving and hitting bumps, holes in road I hear a hollow plastic or
metal container jiggling noise in the front right dash area. It is as if
some container is not fastened correctly. When driving on smooth road there
are no such hollow sounds. Any ideas?



Patient: 1986 Audi Turbo Quattro Type 44

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