Pilot bearing removal ?

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Wed May 7 18:48:34 PDT 2008

Well George, guess which technique I'll use ? 

This one is too funny to pass. And it has the very benefit that I have all
the "tools" here, right down to the 5 lbs hammer. Let's just hope that the
bearing isn't "capped" as on the 20VT engines.

Geraint ? How is your precision manipulating a heavy hammer ? Better than
mine ?

More to come !

Gone chunking cotton rags...


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> Hello Louis-Alain,
> A few years ago I had the "opportunity" to replace the clutch on my '84
> 4ksq and decided to replace the pilot bearing as well.  I was fortunate
> enough to find a perfect method for doing so on, of all places, a antique
> tractor enthusiast eb site.  It works like a charm.  Follow along, as
> weird as it sounds, it works unbelievably well:
> 1. Take a small cotton rag and cut it up into tiny (around 1/8 to 1/16th
> inch...as long as it's tiny)
> 2. Procure a length of wooden dowel slightly smaller in diameter than the
> pilot bearing case and just long enough (maybe 6-8 inches) to accommodate
> being hit hard with a small sledge hammer (with not a lot of room to
> swing)
> 3. Procure a small (maybe 5 lb) sledge hammer
> 4. Procure some safety glasses...and put them on
> 5. Saturate your chopped-up bits of cotton rag with water...soak them
> actually...make a lump of wet rag chunks big enough to fill a area an inch
> or so behind the pilot bearing..and pack the lump of wet chunks into the
> area behind the bearing tightly with your finger
> 6. Make sure your safety glasses are on
> 7. Take the length of wooden dowel and press it VERY firmly against your
> lump of wet rag (make sure that there are no gaps) which is now between
> the end of the wooden dowel and the rear of the pilot bearing
> 7a. Hold the dowel as tightly as you can (make sure it aligned with the
> back of the pilot bearing)
> 8. Whack the end of the wooden dowel as hard as you safely
> can...occasionally you may have to hit it twice...be VERY careful, the
> hydraulic (water) pressure on the forward end of the pilot bearing will
> send it flying backwards with stunning force...and the pilot bearing will
> hurt if it hits your hand...believe me...I know...but it won't injure
> you....and it will be out of the crankshaft!
> The only variables you have to worry about are the length of the wooden
> dowel and the amount of wet rag chunks.  If it doesn't work the first
> time...just experiment a little. It will work.
> Be careful, have fun, and let me know how it goes...
> Regards,
> George B.
> Massachusetts
> 84 4ksq
> 88 5ksq
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> >Subject: Pilot bearing removal ?
> >Tomorrow is the big day, engine swap. Last bit of work to do is the pilot
> >bushing replacement in the rear of the crankshaft. Any tips for us ?
> Didn't
> >try anything yet.
> >
> >Louis-Alain

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