Slave cylinder hose...

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Fri May 9 16:34:58 PDT 2008

Local Hydraulic hose shop should be able to crimp one up in 5 min or so.

Many shops wont do "brake lines" and might think that this is a brake line.
Make sure that they know is for tractor. :-)

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Is there a cheaper alternative to OEM for the above ? My friendly Audi
dealer wants 88$ for 431 721 465, which is common to all type 85, 81, 43 and
44 cars.

Not that I am cheap, but is there another source ? Or another brake hose
that would fit ?

We pulled the engine/transmission/subframe from under the car last night,
but the new one is not in yet. It was relatively easy, as Martin P said,
since the head was off. The highest point of the engine was the dipstick
tube, which cleared the front valance by 1/4 in. The engine was resting on a
floor jack. 


1983 urQ 

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