Anybody seen this?

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Sadly looking at the huge amount of plastic trim in the current generation
cars we probably won't want them at 15 years+ :-(

The current Bentley is a great example.  It has a CNC machined lever to open
the hood, really nice bit of work.... however the "grill" attached to the
hood is a large chunk of frail plastic which nearly cracked when I was
trying to open the hood!  Ironically the part which wont get any SUN is CNC
metal and will last forever while the bit that sits in the sun will be junk
in 10 years. :-(

The good news is that some mighty powerful engines will be heading to the
wrecker due to the body/trim being ugly.  Could take the LT1 transplant into
an Audi 5KQ to a whole other level!

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I like it, but knowing US rules and regularations, we won't be getting it
any time soon.

And even if it comes out tomorrow, I likely wouldn't own one for 15-20 years
or so,
since that seems to be how old the cars I have are.  I still think of my '91
200 Q 20
V's as "new" cars.  


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William Magliocco <magliocc at> writes:

> just wondering
Somebody at Inglostadt put in serious overtime with the ugly stick. Thing
looks like a cod piece with an escape.]

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