tire installer "advice"

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sat May 10 10:52:39 PDT 2008

>> Cosco gave me the same runaround. I want oversize tires on my car to
>> avoid bends on our lovely NJ rut-holed roads.
>> So, for instance, I run 245/50-16 rather than 235/50-16; and
>> 245/45/-17 rather than 235/45-17.
>> Uh-uh. They look up OEM applications. But yes, I can bring in my  
>> wheels. Stoo-ped.

Sounds like a certain industry has paid off some inconveniently large 
accident settlements?

> "They won't fit, sorry pal."
> "I've RODE in a car of exactly the same model year and model, and they  
> fit just fine."
> "Well, look pal, they might not be rated for your car."
> "Rated?"
> "Yeah, your car might be too heavy."

Huw Powell



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