signs of intelligence in Auburn Hills: 2009 A3 2.0TQ (!!)

Brett brett at
Mon May 12 10:43:23 PDT 2008

"Also new for 2009 is the option of Audi's Quattro drivetrain on the
2.0-liter, S tronic equipped A3. Previously available only with the
3.2-liter engine, this new package allows owners of the base motor to gain
the advantages of all-wheel-drive."


This could only be better if they hadn't waved an Ugly Wand around it for
2009, and we had a TDI option (pretty please, boys? VW's already done the
homework for you.)  A manual 2.0TQ would have been nice for those on a
budget.  Tough love, I suppose.

Cross your fingers that the 's-tronic' transmission isn't de-beefed from
the A3 3.2, since with a chip, the 2.0 has just as much (or more) Loud.

Also, anyone else noticed the (relative) flood of A3 3.2's in the used
market, especially 2006 models? Nearly-out-of-warranty trade-me-ins and
end-of-leasers, I suppose?  It'll only get worse (or better, if you're
buying) since the 3.2 is one hungry piggy at the pumps.

If you do think about a used A3, hold the seller over the fire- repo
companies have had more work than they can handle, and everyone is
snapping up space to hold all the excess inventory as car loans follow
home loans.


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