Carlisle 2008 pics...

Enzeder enzeder at
Sun May 18 21:12:22 PDT 2008

Here's the cliff's notes version:

"The Audi Club" was awarded the show's "Coolest Club Hangout" award!!!

Didn't go Friday due to weather.

Saturday was great.  I'm not sure how many cars actually showed because they
kept coming and going.  Definitely more than last year, guessing maybe 80.
In attendance were: DKW's, urQ's, Coupes, 4k's, 5k's, 2c's, V8's, urs4/6's,
S8's (D2), S4's, R8, S6 (C6), S5, TT's.  I'm sure I'm forgetting models.
Some completely stock, some highly modified.  Cars and people were coming
and going making it difficult to keep track.

Sunday was a washout (amphibicars dominated).  Left home wearing sunglasses,
arrived in Carlisle 90 mins later wishing I'd bought a canoe.

Some photo's are here:

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