Manual conversion on '94 A4 V6

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Mon May 19 05:22:16 PDT 2008

Not that it helps the A4 cause but on the type 44 it is not a big deal.
Yes, you can thump the tunnel for clearance but not critical.  Manual 
shifter will remount without transplanting the hump, only minor fabrication. 
Pedal assembly will swap. Easy to make a throttle cable or transplant all 
the parts. Use manual axles. Downpipe on 5k fwd, 200turbo fwd, no problem. 
Had to modify 100 fwd downpipe.
BTDT 3 times.
And I would like to hear more about manual conversion on A4/A6 as there are 
a few popping up with bad autos.
Nick  central Ohio
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Transaxles seem to be the least of the worries ... my experience with
investigating the job on a T44 was that the floor pan has a wider bulge for
the transmission, I think that by beating it down enough I could work the 3
pedal box in there ... of course I'm thinking LHD.  The two things I didn't
think about were the shifter mount differences and the exhaust system

Given the idea is to build up a racer, cosmetics shouldn't be an issue, so
it should be quite doable ...

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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As far as I've seen it should be that simple. Having said that, I've
never actually had two of them here (parted) at the same time. I know
the V8Q's use different floor pans for auto vs manual. So, that could
also be a possibility. I'd be willing to bet you will at least need
the top of the trans tunnel where the manual shifter attaches.

Perhaps someone out there with a bit more experience?

Tony Hoffman

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 8:50 PM, Duncan Thomson
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> Hi guys,
> I have a mate who's looking to convert his old A4 for club racing. It's
> a '94 2.6 V6, FWD.
> Currently auto, and he wants to switch to manual. He's only considering
> it, as it is worth almost nothing to him with such high mileage (280k
> Is this as simple as swapping flywheel / g'box / pedal box?
> Or are there any major gotchas?
> Thanks for any feedback!
> Duncan

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