[urq] Typ 85 driveshaft u joint part number ?

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Wed May 21 23:05:29 PDT 2008

I found a catalog with the dimensional info from GMB ... even had cross
references to the NEAPCO parts:


There are a bunch of other PDFs in the file structure at:


I found a bunch of vehicle manufacturer apps, but nothing for VAG ... 

Bon chance!
Steve B

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... perhaps with the advent of computer databases this is no longer an
option, but when I needed a replacement u-joint for my prop shaft I took the
one from the car down to my brother in law's FLAPS and he took two
measurements ... the diameter of the caps and the distance between the flats
on the opposite sides.  He then went to his catalog and found a part that
worked perfectly.  

OK, I did this on my car maybe 20 years ago ... maybe more as the faulty
carrier bearing in my car when I bought it helped me get a free replacement
transmission from the dealer ... I have a box labeled NEAPCO 1-0153 28153X
with an old u-joint in it.  I would urge a bit of caution with this number
as ISTR I got two different manufacturer's parts from my BiL, and this may
be the part that I did not use.  Oh that I had documented what I did back

I can say with certainty that the carrier bearing was a standard
6006.2RSR.T.C3 ... still got that box too!  Gawd I need to learn not to be
such a pack rat!

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

> We are looking for an actual part number for the u-joint of the type 85
> (4000Q and urQ) center driveshaft. Any supplier number will be useful; we
> can interchange to our suppliers.

I thought I saved it somewhere... but there is no part number (Audi only 
sells the whole prop shaft)

There is apparently a BMW part that can be used, with trivial 
modifications.  Hopefully someone with a memory will chime in with details.

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