fuel pump & fuel sender orientations

William Magliocco magliocc at rocketmail.com
Sun May 25 16:12:34 PDT 2008

Patient is a '93 100:

Does anyone have the correct mounting positions for
the pump basket assembly?  I found this picture on
line, is it right:


Also, what is the correct position for the top piece
with the fuel line & vent connections.

I should have taken photos as I pulled it apart, I
failed to do so.  I have the replacement fuel pump
working OK, but fuel gauge is stuck at about 1/8 tank
despite the fact I just put 10 gallons in after
replacing the pump.

I think I'll wait a few days before going back in, I
might as well get a bunch of those rubber isolation

BTW-Bentley manuals are of little help here...no good
drawings or photos on this task.

tia, Bill


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