Hydraulic Lifters

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Tue May 27 13:20:20 PDT 2008

Personal BTDT, don't bother with a flush.  When the I5's sit, the lifters
get loud for a while, drive it and sometimes it'll quiet down or go away.
 The only thing that worked (and I tried just about everything short of
changing lifters) on the 5KS was good ole Marvel Mystery Oil.  I put a
quart in (yeah, a bit aggressive) at an oil change and let it work it's
magic, the 5KS's engine went quietly on it's way for years after, I'd
always add half a quart during oil changes after that too.  I hear ATF
has a similar result.

On the '89 90Q, NOTHING has worked, even the very pricey German flush I
tried, the lifters seem to get to a point sometimes where nothing will
bring them back, I bit the bullet and bought the whole lifter set from
Autohauz Ariz. for about $7 each on sale.

The 200TQA-if she sits for more than a month she'll clack, but the ole
girl always quiets down after a couple days of normal driving.

Unless you're up to chasing oil leaks, I wouldn't try anything more
aggressive than ATF or Marvel Mystery Oil.  The harsher flush agents
caused the main seal to start spewing oil on the 5KS, lucky it was
overdue for a timing belt anyway so it was no big deal.

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