Tips on Alternator Replacement for 1998 A4 Avant

Paul Caouette paxnobis at
Mon Nov 3 21:38:37 PST 2008


So I will admit to be long-in-the-tooth and will stop reminiscing about how
easy it used to be to change an alternator  (hell! the first time I did this
they were called something else altogether...but I can't think what they
called them do-hickeys back then).

My wife's A4 just limped home. She called to tell me her lgihts were dimming
and the voltage was just above 12.......She even opined that the alternator
was probably not putting out how's that for a savvy

I took off the covers and dropped the plastic underpan and had a hard time
even finding the damned alternator. My god! Do they expect you to yank the
radiator just to get at the bolts.

Any BTDT would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Caouette
(wishing for the good old days when you could crawl into the engine
compartment when you were doing your work)

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 8:14 PM, Tom Love <theloves at> wrote:

> I built a relayed headlight harness and now it seems I need to fool the
> auto check system into thinking there are still bulbs connected. Using a
> resistor seems to be the way to go but  how do I figure the size to fool the
> system into thinking the bulbs are still connected? TIA
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