Tips on Alternator Replacement for 1998 A4 Avant

Tom Love theloves at
Mon Nov 3 21:50:26 PST 2008

Alternator? What about the water pump? Just had the 3 year old pump with 25k 
miles on it go bad on the wife's A4 Avant. Looks like it is time for the 
complete belt job 3 years premature at the tune of $1200. I used to be able 
to do the pump and alternator on my '77 Honda Accord in less than a hour.

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> Ok!
> So I will admit to be long-in-the-tooth and will stop reminiscing about 
> how
> easy it used to be to change an alternator  (hell! the first time I did 
> this
> they were called something else altogether...but I can't think what they
> called them do-hickeys back then).
> My wife's A4 just limped home. She called to tell me her lgihts were 
> dimming
> and the voltage was just above 12.......She even opined that the 
> alternator
> was probably not putting out how's that for a savvy
> spouse.....!!!
> I took off the covers and dropped the plastic underpan and had a hard time
> even finding the damned alternator. My god! Do they expect you to yank the
> radiator just to get at the bolts.
> Any BTDT would be greatly appreciated.
> Paul Caouette
> (wishing for the good old days when you could crawl into the engine
> compartment when you were doing your work)
> On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 8:14 PM, Tom Love <theloves at> wrote:
>> I built a relayed headlight harness and now it seems I need to fool the
>> auto check system into thinking there are still bulbs connected. Using a
>> resistor seems to be the way to go but  how do I figure the size to fool 
>> the
>> system into thinking the bulbs are still connected? TIA
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