removing passat v6 oil pan

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Wed Nov 5 13:21:01 PST 2008

Tony is right. It's a major job. Took me two days. I made my own engine support (,Pump,andSuctionScreen). You should get the manual if you try this (


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  You have to remove the front engine mount as well as drop the
  subframe. While you are in there, pull the pickup tube and clean the
  junk (sludge and carbon) out if it. To drop the subframe, pull the
  lower motor mount bolts. BTW, you will have to support the engine from
  the top.

  Tony Hoffman

  2008/11/3 Jeremiah Curry <jeremiah at>:
  > Howdy all,
  > Wondering if there was some trick for removing the oil pan from my 99 Passat
  > V6.  The pan has a whole in it and I need to get a new one.  The back bolts
  > are behind the anti-roll bar and I can't figure out how to get to them
  > without removing it.  If I have to remove it is that hard? is it under
  > tension?
  > thanks in advance,
  > Jeremiah
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