RS6 comedy

Dave dave.eaton at
Fri Nov 7 11:28:55 PST 2008

no unusually brett, you can't see the wood for the trees...
$4k to replace the starter, sorry but someone is yanking your chain (or is
it your usual hyperbole?).  the engine does come out as turbos are in the
way.  you could lose the turbos i guess, but then the car wouldn't be quite
the same would it - i never liked the c5 s6.  my dealer tells me it is an 8
hour job to remove the motor, and that a starter replacement would be less
than $1.5k.  i have yet to hear of a failed rs6 starter motor.  i'll stick
with the car and the turbos thanks.
the weak points of the car are well known - primarily drc and the tranny.
having said that, the rs6 is the best "s" or "rs" audi i've owned (5 at last
count) - and is still running factory fresh and sweet 2 years later, 4 years
from purchase.  but as with any hi-po german car, it's got to have a
warranty. if you can afford the car, afford the warranty.
btw the battery is only on the trunk floor of usa cars. hans and klaus put
the battery under the trunk floor for everyone but the usa. and gave
everyone else proper rs6 seats.  and avants. wonder why?
'03 rs6
'04 allroad tdi

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> Economy got you down?  Just got a big bill from your mechanic?
> Wondering if your car is worth it?
> Well, look on the bright side: you could own a C5 RS6.
> For the RS6-deprived, a starter going bust is a relatively minor
> expense.  For the worthy?  It's $4k, because the engine has to come
> out.  Then there are the torque converter failures (so much for that
> BS about the autobox handling torque better than a manual), the timing
> belt adjustments every 10,000 miles, and the fancy DRC suspension
> system failures.
> If you had an RS6, this wallet-draining would be beneficial.  See, if
> you had money, then you could afford to buy stuff, which you could try
> to in your RS6's trunk.  Which you can't, because there's a battery in
> the way.  Vorsprung Der Technic apparently consists of a bunch of boys
> from Quattro GMBH bumming around the R&D shop on a weekend with some
> beers, shoehorning two turbochargers into the engine compartment,
> buttoning everything back up, and then realizing it wont start because
> they forgot to put the battery back in.  And then stuffing it in a
> carpeted box in the trunk so they can get home.
> Other comedy: rumors of Audi denying warranty claims on RS4 suspension
> failures (they're considered "wear and tear" and only covered to 12k/
> 12months), so clearly there wasn't much work put into DRC between the
> two cars.  If you're thinking about purchasing the fancy suspension in
> a new Audi, you might want to quadruple-rethink it.
> Brett

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