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the usa "required" a spare wheel.  the row cars didn't.  i have a spare
wheel well crammed with tools, battery and an electric pump and sealant.  no
spare.  while i would like a full-size spare, having used sealant (stans) on
my mtb tubeless tyres for several years now i have no fears with that
regard.  i have punctured the side of a mtb tyre on a nail and the stans has
worked to get me home.  also it should be noted that i have had only 1
puncture in the last 15 years in a car and that (screw in tread of the s8)
would have been fixed with sealant enough to get me home.

btw i should have said that the secret of rs ownership imo is to pick one up
after 2-3 years.  you will get (as i did) the full factory warranty thrown
in (remainder of 3 years + 2 years) and pay 50% of the new price. then sell
when it comes off extended warranty or go after-market warranty through the

i have a track day with the c6 rs6 coming up tuesday - that should be

'03 rs6
'04 alroad tdi

On 8/11/08 8:46 AM, "Ed Kellock" <ekellock at> wrote:

> I went to a tech session when the RS6 first came out.  It was an Audi Club
> event at the primary dealer in Denver.  With the car in the air, I don't
> recall being able to see the starter from underneath.  They told us that the
> book stated it was a 22-hour job involving dropping the engine from the car.
> I imagine in time actual people performing the actual job have saved a good
> bit on that, hence Dave's 8-hour/$1500 position, which definitely sounds
> more reasonable, IF the dealer will charge _actual_ time for the job.  It
> may very well be that a dealer service department somewhere charged full
> book rate for a deep-pocketed customer.  Not sure whey the North American
> version would require different battery placement.  Probably some sort of
> federal regulation vs. crash testing blah, blah, blah.  Seems that if it fit
> elsewhere for the rest of the world, it might be able to be retrofitted
> elsewhere in North American, unless there's some "extra" equipment required
> that takes up the space.
> Ed
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>> no unusually brett, you can't see the wood for the trees...
>> $4k to replace the starter, sorry but someone is yanking your
>> chain (or is it your usual hyperbole?).  the engine does come
>> out as turbos are in the way.  you could lose the turbos i
>> guess, but then the car wouldn't be quite the same would it -
>> i never liked the c5 s6.  my dealer tells me it is an 8 hour
>> job to remove the motor, and that a starter replacement would
>> be less than $1.5k.  i have yet to hear of a failed rs6
>> starter motor.  i'll stick with the car and the turbos thanks.
>> the weak points of the car are well known - primarily drc and
>> the tranny. having said that, the rs6 is the best "s" or "rs"
>> audi i've owned (5 at last
>> count) - and is still running factory fresh and sweet 2 years
>> later, 4 years from purchase.  but as with any hi-po german
>> car, it's got to have a warranty. if you can afford the car,
>> afford the warranty.
>> btw the battery is only on the trunk floor of usa cars. hans
>> and klaus put the battery under the trunk floor for everyone
>> but the usa. and gave everyone else proper rs6 seats.  and
>> avants. wonder why?
>> dave
>> '03 rs6
>> '04 allroad tdi
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>>> Economy got you down?  Just got a big bill from your mechanic?
>>> Wondering if your car is worth it?
>>> Well, look on the bright side: you could own a C5 RS6.
>>> For the RS6-deprived, a starter going bust is a relatively minor
>>> expense.  For the worthy?  It's $4k, because the engine has to come
>>> out.  Then there are the torque converter failures (so much
>> for that 
>>> BS about the autobox handling torque better than a manual),
>> the timing 
>>> belt adjustments every 10,000 miles, and the fancy DRC suspension
>>> system failures.
>>> If you had an RS6, this wallet-draining would be
>> beneficial.  See, if
>>> you had money, then you could afford to buy stuff, which
>> you could try 
>>> to in your RS6's trunk.  Which you can't, because there's a
>> battery in 
>>> the way.  Vorsprung Der Technic apparently consists of a
>> bunch of boys 
>>> from Quattro GMBH bumming around the R&D shop on a weekend
>> with some 
>>> beers, shoehorning two turbochargers into the engine compartment,
>>> buttoning everything back up, and then realizing it wont
>> start because 
>>> they forgot to put the battery back in.  And then stuffing it in a
>>> carpeted box in the trunk so they can get home.
>>> Other comedy: rumors of Audi denying warranty claims on RS4
>> suspension 
>>> failures (they're considered "wear and tear" and only
>> covered to 12k/ 
>>> 12months), so clearly there wasn't much work put into DRC
>> between the 
>>> two cars.  If you're thinking about purchasing the fancy
>> suspension in 
>>> a new Audi, you might want to quadruple-rethink it.
>>> Brett
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