RS6 comedy

kneale at kneale at
Fri Nov 7 16:37:45 PST 2008

The last puncture I had (last winter) was a tire that ran over contents of
a trash barrel that fell off someone's trailer going up a hill.  I was in
the downhill lane and had no option other than run over the trash, which
apparently included a beer bottle that tore a big slit in an almost brand
new Nokian RSI.  Without my spare, I'd have been stuck on the side of the
road at 6 a.m. in the middle of the winter.

> the usa "required" a spare wheel.  the row cars didn't.  i have a spare
> wheel well crammed with tools, battery and an electric pump and sealant.
> no
> spare.  while i would like a full-size spare, having used sealant (stans)
> on
> my mtb tubeless tyres for several years now i have no fears with that
> regard.  i have punctured the side of a mtb tyre on a nail and the stans
> has
> worked to get me home.  also it should be noted that i have had only 1
> puncture in the last 15 years in a car and that (screw in tread of the s8)
> would have been fixed with sealant enough to get me home.

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