'02 A6 2.7T torque converter issue

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Fri Nov 14 06:21:12 PST 2008

I am contemplating purchase of a 2002 A6 Quattro with 2.7T engine and tip/auto trans.
It has early warning of the torque converter issue that apparently is common to these
cars.  I am trying to get any more info as to how long this car could be driven if there
are no real problem sysmptoms other than occasional check engine light - I don't have
all info. for the specific car yet, but I drove the car and did not notice any problem
or CEL, but was advised the warning did pop up at random.






Is there a permanent fix, uprated torque converter that is avaialble and possibly
resulting in better than original shifting performance but most importantly a unit that
will last through any potential power add mods given to the car.


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