Radiator Hose Connector

Tony Hoffman auditony at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 11:49:59 PST 2008

You pull the wire clip out till it stops. Then, wiggle the hose end
off. It's a PITA, to say the least, but that's how it's done.

Technology, yea right.....

On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 1:37 PM, Paul Caouette <paxnobis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Simple question from an old fart. How do you disconnect the radiator from
> the top hose on a 1998 A4......and what the devil happened with standard
> hose clamps......is there no end to technological advances designed to
> challenged the feeble minds of the aged???
> Does one pull out or compress the wire clip that slides in the slot?

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