87CGT Top strut bearings/mounts

Peter Orban orbanp1 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 06:19:27 PST 2008

rob3 at hod3.fsnet.co.uk wrote:

>>     I've been replacing the CV boots on my 87 CGT in readiness for the 
>> annual test. While doing that I realised that with the car jacked up by 
>> the front subframe crossmember there is considerable horizontal slop in 
>> the strut top mounts. I assume this is not normal. There is also vertical 
>> play.

Sorry for not responding earlier.
If memory serves me well, the Bentley manual mentions 1/4" limit for the vertical slop.
Despite of this, on a VW Fox (pretty much similar front suspension) I was once 
failed a safety test for a similarly loose front strut bearing. I did make a big rubber donut
and put it under that big top washer. I made it out of a hockey puck, using a 
hole saw, and made it of a thickness of about 1/4". That took up the slop nicely
and the car passed the exam. Sometimes later, when I replaced the front shock, 
I also got new strut bearings thinking that the old one was worn. The new ones
also had the 1/4" gap, so I simply put back those donuts.
Intentional or not, I think this is lousy engineering. I do not want any slop
in the suspension when it unloads!



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