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I bet you will like Hemmings S&E.  Lots of obscure stuff.  Always have a
great article - "Driveable Dream" where they profile a guy/gal (and their
car) who just drives a really cool car - often daily, that others would want
to restore.  Has ranged from a 1930's Bugatti GP car to random old Fiats,
Saabs, Volvos, a Porsche Speedster...

Issue 3 had a good article on our beloved urq.  

Check it out-

The DS article surprises me - sounds like a good article - and obscure
enough to never expect it to come from the big rags....maybe they are


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At least, Car and Driver has a clown in its line-up : John Phillips. That
guy makes me laugh each month. That may be the only reason I continue to
read that mag. I'm with you Brandon, there is much less in depth articles in
those mags, mainly because there is so many cars and trucks on the market.
They swapped quality for quantity. As in TV news, the one-liner is the rule.

I'll take a look at your Hemmings SE, I too want to dream about old stuff.
But you know what ? I prefer obscure vehicles to any exotic Italian
stallion. That's why this story about the DS was so impressing : the car has
less than 100 hp, is 50 years old and nonetheless made that guy fell in love
with it. 

When was the last time you fell in love with a car ? 
Me it was 2001, and it was the urQ. 

I'm waiting for the next crush. I doubt it will be younger than the urQ
though. There is only one or two new car I would dearly pay for : a Clubman,
a BMW 128i (same number as my preferred Fiat !), maybe an A4Q Avant but it
needs a stick. Can't drive auto, my left leg is hurting.


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RE: [urq] One cool magazine.

Of all the mags - C&D, R&T, Motortrend (worst!), European car, etc - they
have all turned to crap IMO - Automobile has it's good parts, yes, but still
let it lapse a couple years ago.  The magazine I have been _really_ enjoying
for the last 2 years is Hemmings Sports & Exotic.  No new car reviews, all
old stuff - sports and exotics - hence the name.  I'm not into the old
British stuff (which the mag is slanted to) - but it's a lot more fun to
read about than the new Prius and Accord....

'84 ur

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I know not everyone likes Automobile Magazine. But I kinda appreciate the
style. In the last issue (the DEC 08 with the Volt on the cover), there is
one magnificent article on the Citroen DS, one car that (you know me now.)
I'd really love to own one day. That Sam Smith makes me jealous : we do the
same job, but I'd pay the Devil big bucks to write this kind of automotive
"love affair".


And to be Audi contented a bit, that same guy has a lot in common with us :





Who needs a cross-country road trip to get out of his "office at home".
Anybody has a car to pick in Vancouver ?

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