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I like the style of some of the column writers, but I can understand your
point of view.  Autoweek is tough because it's weekly and has much less
content in each issue.  They only devote one page to two columnists per week
though and there are several columnists.  Their actual car data seems to
have taken a back seat to other stuff... half the issue is about motorsport,
which for the most part a non-issue for me because my motorsport tastes are
not in the mainstream.  and then there's their marketplace, pages and pages
of now common things with ridiculous prices.  And don't forget the MacNeil
ads that run for 4, 6, or 8 pages, depending on which magazine you're
looking at.  Seesh.


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> The columns are killing Auto Week IMHO.  Their "columnists" 
> read like a 20 something or 80 something blog, total waste of 
> ink and paper.  I wish they'd just review the vehicles and 
> races.  If I want to read inane blogs I'll go to MySpace or 
> Facebook.  I really don't read a car rag to find out about 
> the writers cats, bikes, lawns, spouses etc.  I guess it's 
> just one more "Oprahnization", resistance is futile.
> "Ed Kellock" <ekellock at gmail.com> writes:
> > I guess my main draw to the car magazines at this point 
> would have to
> > be the long-term editors and their columns.  John Phillips 
> is another
> that 
> > I'd forgotten about, because I haven't gotten C&D in a long 
> time.  The
> > editors' bring a relatable style and face to the magazine. I can get
> stats 
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