Start of silly season, I guess

Mike Arman Armanmik at
Wed Nov 26 10:06:35 PST 2008

> Maybe after all they are listening to this list, and think the preservation
> of older Audis is a worthwhile task?
> Louis-Alain

Only WE think this - Audi would like nothing better than for all cars over ten minutes old to 
evaporate in a puff of Pentosin, and then we should all have to promptly run out and buy new ones.

The manufacturer's interest in the customer is OVER as soon as the check clears - we, and our older 
cars - are a liability (which is corporate-speak for "a pain in the ass".)

I've heard that Mercedes takes an interest in some of their older vehicles, I don't know how 
extensive that interest is, but it is certainly an exception.

BMW motorcycle dealers like to have the older BMWs show up on special events, it makes the dealer 
look good, but after that, they have no parts, won't service them, and heartily wish they (and their 
picky, demanding owners) would just go away.

Dennis Graber writes:

>  This?creates a ripple in the fabric of the universe of staggering proportion. I have lubricated it to no avail.

OK, I gotta ask - how and with what does one lubricate a ripple in the fabric of the universe?

My wife will be in Denver on the 14th, I don't think she'll be able to help with the trunk lock, but 
if you need a good lawyer . . .

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
90 V8Q

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