Start of silly season, I guess

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Wed Nov 26 11:47:30 PST 2008

The Universe fabric lubricant is a special Pentosin product made from the drool of silk worms from Tibet.
Tis silly season indeed.

Dennis Graber
Denver, CO

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Supposedly, Mercedes will provide any part for any model, for a price.
There's a full nut and bolt restoration facility on the west coast.  You can
buy "brand new" cars for about there original price would equate to in
current dollars.


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> > Maybe after all they are listening to this list, and think the 
> > preservation of older Audis is a worthwhile task?
> > 
> > Louis-Alain
> Only WE think this - Audi would like nothing better than for 
> all cars over ten minutes old to 
> evaporate in a puff of Pentosin, and then we should all have 
> to promptly run out and buy new ones.
> The manufacturer's interest in the customer is OVER as soon 
> as the check clears - we, and our older 
> cars - are a liability (which is corporate-speak for "a pain 
> in the ass".)
> I've heard that Mercedes takes an interest in some of their 
> older vehicles, I don't know how 
> extensive that interest is, but it is certainly an exception.
> BMW motorcycle dealers like to have the older BMWs show up on 
> special events, it makes the dealer 
> look good, but after that, they have no parts, won't service 
> them, and heartily wish they (and their 
> picky, demanding owners) would just go away.
> Dennis Graber writes:
> >  This?creates a ripple in the fabric of the universe of staggering 
> > proportion. I have lubricated it to no avail.
> OK, I gotta ask - how and with what does one lubricate a 
> ripple in the fabric of the universe?
> My wife will be in Denver on the 14th, I don't think she'll 
> be able to help with the trunk lock, but 
> if you need a good lawyer . . .
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman
> 90 V8Q
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