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> Mercedes and Porsche will get you the parts for any model that they 
> have ever made, as long as you don't mind paying for it- sometimes a 
> small fortune.

Depends, normal stocking parts are sometimes very reasonable.  I recently
bought a new rear glass for a 1968 Mercedes, dealer list was $275.  The
"Old Timers" subsidiary Mercedes set up goes about manufacturing long NLA
parts in small lots, things such as cranks for mid 50's 300's etc.  Cost
they might, but if you ever see one you'll know why, it looks like a
Christmas tree with base and all.
> BMW does the same (I think)- they built a 2002 a couple years ago 
> from spare parts.

Not so much.
> Ferrari will do the same as well.

They have basically no spares though, they'll dig out the old forgings
for heavy parts...but you'll pay dearly for that Italian craftsmanship.

> I doubt you could go to a Mercedes dealership and have them diagnose 
> issues with the mechanical fuel injection on a '54 300SL.

There are usually a few techs who know how to work on the older cars. 
Aside from that, Mercedes has made a concerted effort to hire as many old
timer techs as possible and keep them busy.  Mercedes dealers have been
quietly buying Mercedes restoration shops for years now.  Word is "Hatch
& Sons", a well known MB restorer here in the NE has sold the business to
a well know dealer, and will now be restoring prancing ponies.

> If Audi and VW didn't have their attitude toward supplying customers 

This has come up many times, preaching to the choir, we love the cars,
hate the way the company treats us.
"God's a kid with an ant farm, lady. He's not planning anything."

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