quattro list library?

Max Baker max at warped.org
Wed Nov 26 16:22:42 PST 2008

Hey Mark,

I didn't know there was an audifans Wiki project already, great! 

I was digging around on it  ( http://www.audifans.com/kb/ ) and it seems 
like a huge amount of stuff is in there already 
(http://www.audifans.com/kb/Special:Fewestrevisions)  but that it was 
never "launched". 

It seems some top level indexes are required,  maybe some anti-spam 
features turned on, and it's good to go.   Who was working on this 
before?   The only hurdle after that is adoption by us readers and the 
search engines.


Mark R wrote:
> I've known Max for years on the GTiVR6 list and he does a really nice 
> job.  I've sent him a couple of bucks myself to help offset hosting 
> costs (i.e beer).
> A number of listers use the wiki a lot (some of my stuff is in 
> there... only because others take the time to put it there).
> Audifans has a wiki project, but I don't know who hosts, how it has 
> come along, etc.  If nothing else, Max would be a good addition to 
> that team.  If bandwidth is an issue, Max is a go-to guy there.
> Unfortunately I just don't have the time for the wiki thing.... but I 
> appreciate those who make the effort.  There's a TON of knowledge on 
> this list... archiving it would make things easy.  After all, 
> EVERYTHING has been done by now.  As Andy often posts in the GTiVR6 
> list.   "Here's your answer....  (wiki link)."
> Mark Rosenkrantz
> On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 12:00 PM, Max Baker <max at warped.org 
> <mailto:max at warped.org>> wrote:
>     Hi All,
>     As I lurk on this list, I see a *ton* (metric) of great information
>     passing by, and I can only imagine all the knowledge that's been
>     passed
>     since it's conception.
>     I was wondering if anyone has ever wanted to maintain a library where
>     people could go to?   I host two such libraries,
>     http://gti-vr6.net <http://gti-vr6.net/> and
>     http://mkv-gti.net <http://mkv-gti.net/> -- both the babies of
>     Andy Nguyen.    We use wiki
>     software so that any member can go in and easily add information, make
>     corrections and updates.  It also provides to be very searchable by
>     topic, and people volunteer a surprising amount of time adding in
>     tidbits as they come up.
>     If I were to set up a domain name and a wiki, are people interested in
>     volunteering to add/correct/contribute content as it flashes
>     across the
>     list?  It's about as hard to use as using Microsoft Word.    It
>     would of
>     course be advertising free, and all that -- I'm not looking to make a
>     buck here, I give away the hosting services and take donations now and
>     again.    I would love to add the treasure-trove of information from
>     20v.org <http://20v.org/> (with attribution of course) to the
>     library as a start, since I
>     find it so useful.
>     Thoughts?
>     -m
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