quattro list library?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Nov 26 21:32:18 PST 2008

> 2. Add some navigation -- Put pages into categories and subcategories.   
> We could borrow some ideas from http://www.gti-vr6.net/wiki .
> (I think it would be cool to be able to tag entries with what chassis it 
> applies to (type44, 80/90, b3, b4), but I'm not sure what it takes to 
> add that to mediawiki.)

Categories are key.  A wiki is not hard to build, as long as it is open 
and friendly.  As I whined before, I asked Brett to rename me "Huw 
Powell" from "HuwPowell" and he never even condescended to reply on the 
wiki or elsewhere.  *That* sort of treatment of editors does not build a 
  happy wiki.

> 3. Encourage people on the list to look for answers and add answers to 
> the wiki.  This has worked real well on the gti-vr6 list.

Yup, promote it if it is growing.

> Huw,  the above is what I meant about "launched"... I think those are 
> necessary for the wiki to achieve its purpose.

Um, ok, I still don't know what you mean, but that's ok :)

Huw Powell



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