Audi 20v conversion

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Fri Nov 28 12:28:27 PST 2008

Ditto on this!  I don't know how anyone can suggest a turbo conversion, 10Vor 20 V being
easy and I suppose that is relative.  It is one thing to install a larger displacement
engine or higher compression with some fueling and ignition adjustments.  Totally
different when you need to re-engineer intercooler location and turbo induction.  I
presently have my '90 Coupe Quattro dismantled awaiting such conversion.  Yes the
conversion is made a bit longer process by my objective to do it clean and correct, but
the dashboard had to be removed and much of the interior yanked just to do the "trivial"
wire harness swap. 

Integrating electronics "properly" will take likely at least 3 complete days.  The large
mechanicals(engine, trans, clutch) are a straightforward 1 man-week by someone who knows
what they are doing and has all the correct parts in hand.  On e a performance build,
one almost always ends up tearing down the donor, but not necessarily. Even minor
cleanup items, such as manifolds, fittings and gaskets take days.  The turbo and exhaust
portion can add significant time.   My "ES-2" conversion is further compounded with the
Ersatz nature and desire to install a 6-speed transmission and all that entails, but if
I were only doing a "straight-forwared" swap from 7A to 3B or AAN, we are talking no
less than a complete man-month from start to finish by one who knows what they are
doing, with proper tools and some help.

Do not take these projects lightly!  Someday I'll document my now mostly completed Ur
Quattro conversion  - 10 valve turbo into 10 valve turbo with EFI conversion.  This
alone took my over a year to complete, although that was not all just working on the
car, and much was ironing out bugs that ensued after the job was "completed".  That was
Phase I and II.  Now it begins again with need to replace the turbo - sounds easy 'till
you try it.

Feel free to take a gander at some conversion outlined on my site - these are ones I
completed and documented years ago and will be playing catch up to document the last 2
or 3 I've been working on. http:// many updates forthcoming this


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As someone with a 10VT in their 80 and former 20V owner I can say unless you 
intend to track the car a 20VT is overkill.  I would also suggest you 
seriously evaluate your mechanical skills or bank account.  The  turbo swap is by no 
means a bolt in proposition.  Lots out there have done it and may say it is 
easy.  If so, ask them how much they would charge for doing the swap on your 
car.  Getting the engine in is probably the easiest  thing.  Installing a CIS 
and intercooler, decent exhaust system is much  tougher.  Aftermarket EFI is a 
great choice, but nothing out there is a  bolt in system.  Lots of little 
surprises and chances to screw up.
That said, the 10VT with low teens boost is pretty reliable, gets mid 20's  
MPG and is an absolute giggle to drive.  It will humble many cars and is  one 
of the best all time sleepers.  My 20V was plenty fast, but the turbo  10V has 
better power that starts at lower revs and pulls harder.  
Feel free to contact me off list for more details.  If you live near  Bucks 
County PA stop by for a test drive  too.]

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I am looking to possibly upgrade my 1989 Audi 80 Quattro 10v to a 20v. Either that or
rebuild my 10v. What is a good way to get a hold of a used 20v. I also want to upgrade
with a turbo, which engine is better for that?]

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