Wendy with the transmission problem. Re: quattro Digest, Vol 61, Issue 43

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Fri Nov 28 14:14:30 PST 2008

I had a V8 guy swing by with a trans issue.
I'm not a mechanic, but his issue was the controler to the Trans, an "ECU".
His had rain damage to it under the dash.  See if yours can be swapped to cure the problem or
see  if someone with VAG-Com can scan it.

When you start it, does ALL the PRND321 LIGHT UP ON THE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER?
That notates a problem.

-Scott by BOSTON fighting with a bum laptop right now.

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Well, I have a beautiful but dead 1990 Audi Quattro V8 32 valve.....: ( I have 
only had it 3 months, put a lot of $$ into it to be able to safety and buy the 
car. I bought it off a local dr. Well the other day with the change in temp. my 
lovely throttle became stuck wide open while driving down the road....the car 
was/is great running like a top.....then this.....so I got it around the block, 
riding with both feet on the brake pedal. ....the next morning had it towed to a 
garage..My friend the mechanic got it all apart and found the throttle 
straightened it right out.....bamm, running just like it was supposed to 
be..Then he asks me to drive the car inside his garage to put it back together 
because it was so cold outside, no problem, I hop in....put the car in drive and 
NOTHING happens.....strange, try reverse.....works....no forward gears at 
all.....So to end my sad story.....have it towed to a tranny shop, they called 
me today to tell me that it is an 'internal' transmission problem and to even 
rebuild a used one it would start at about 1600.00 just for the parts alone.....


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