Starting Problem

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sun Nov 30 12:50:07 PST 2008

Max Hoepli wrote:
> Starting engine with 1986 Type Turbo Quattro, sometimes when left for longer
> time in cold weather the car has to be cranked for a long time, 4 cranks
> each 10 seconds, then car puffs and puffs and runs. Mechanic told me it has
> something to do with air intake, and sensors. Ignition is not problem
> according to him. He once used a T-shaped Allen screw to remedy problem. If
> temperature is 5C+ there is no problem.


Cold start problem -- MFTS (multi-function temp sensor); not getting the
   signal to make it rich on start-up

cranks and cranks -- bad seals on the injectors let the fuel pressure
   bleed off over time (several hours or more); it takes a bit of
   cranking to rebuild fuel pressure. Remedy with new seals (or new

puffs and puffs - (guessing here) vacuum leaks?

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