blower motor weirdness

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Sun Nov 30 23:13:10 PST 2008

Yes, I thought the same thing ... but when you read the symptoms it sure
sounds like a worn out blower motor.  Fortunately it isn't that tough to R&R
the blower in that car.  Some times parts don't last as long as you'd expect
... or like ... them to.  I did a blower motor and heater core on one of the
V8s last year ... and now I'm seeing coolant loss again and smelling coolant
in the cabin.  I must say I'd rather have to replace the blower after a year
than the heater core!  

If the original poster still has the blower they pulled out last year they
can replace the brush and give the bearings a good lube and try putting it
back in for a test.  You might want to replace both brushes, but IME it is
the one that has the cold/moist air blown on it from that rubber cooling
duct that seems to wear the most.  OBTW, you can test the operation of the
electrics without opening up the blower box ... just attach the electrical
plug to the test blower and see if it behaves as you'd expect (be sure to
hold/mount the test blower firmly before powering on the system).  

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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syljay wrote:
>>> Patient: 200q20v
>>> I've been trying to diagnose a non working blower motor.  I did a new
blower motor and heater core summer of 2007 and really don't want to pull it
all out again.
>>> Wiring checks out per the bently.  Motor gets voltage when I set the
temp to low and the speed on high.  I can see the brush sparking like it
wants to start moving but blower motor won't move until I jump start it with
a carefully placed screwdriver to start the motor spinning.  
>>> I have the blower running right now but it's a bit noisy and not as fast
as I would expect.  Can I lube this thing or is something else wrong?
>>> it worked pretty good last winter and this summer so I'm not sure what
could be wrong.
>>> thanks in advance.
> **** The ventilation blower motor is old.

Did you read the post?  "I did a new blower motor and heater core summer 
of 2007"....

Huw Powell

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