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I'm stuck on all wheel drive.  I haven't seriously considered anything
without it for a long time.  Mercedes showed me how to think German.  VW was
my gateway to other makes.  The original Audi Coupe became the monkey on my
back.  I've had nothing but Audis since 1990.  

These days the only non Audis cars I ever sit and wonder about owning have
all wheel drive of some sort.  Doesn't happen much with Subaru anymore.  For
the last couple of years it's been the Acura whatever with SH-AWD, the
sedan, not the SUV.

But do any of the other AWD systems work as well as Quattro?  Even modern
Quattro is electronically aided.  And that's usually where I draw the line.
The system must help you GO, not help you stay safe buy impeding your
progress with brakes in some way.  That's my criteria.  Not many do that
these days, I think, even most Audis.  I thinks it's a purity of purpose
thing; emphasis on the "Drive" part of AWD.

So I usually read with more interest articles about Volvo XC whatever,
Saab's new AWD thingie, Ford's forays into the territory with the Fusion
(right?) and the 500/Taurus/Freestyle/and that other new box on wheels.  The
Acura one was just updated and the styling is odd at best, but I've just
read some info about SH-AWD again and am intrigued enough to look at the
pictures longer thinking how I could minimize the effects of the styling
"updates" with color choice or clever "accent" painting of trim and grill.  

Not that it will ever actually happen.

What's been catching your interest lately?


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> Oh there's lots. And I agree, the Subaru's are solid, honest AWD  
> vehicles.  And mostly have been for a long time.
> Not nearly the level of refinement of audis though. So most buyers,  
> maybe this list excepted, dont compare them.
>   I dont put "boy racers" in competition with audi though... 
> The others were a6, a4, s4, a3 competitors.
> Grant
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> >
> >> Today, that doesn't carry the same weight.  Hmmm Pontiac 
> G8 GT? Caddy 
> >> CTS-V?  Next Year's Saturn, ne Opel, Omega? Great cars with vastly 
> >> better service records.
> >
> > Maybe Screwbaru too?
> >
> > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs-jAImScms
> >
> >
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