Strange noise turning left

Bares, Vittorio Vittorio.Bares at
Wed Oct 1 05:36:55 PDT 2008

Subject is a 1999 Avant 1.8t 5sp.


Took it down to the local deserted cul de sack to investigate a possible
noise. On hard left turns there is a noise coming from the prop shaft
tunnel, as if the prop shaft is rubbing on the tunnel.


On right hand turns everything is ok.


On visual inspection - do not see any marks that would indicate contact.


Center bearing is not broken - you can move the shaft by pushing on it a
centimeter or so, I believe that is within expectations?


Differential support is new.


I'm thinking it might be the passenger motor mount that allows the motor
to move on hard left turns and thereby shift the angle of the
transmission and shaft?


Any ideas?

Vittorio -


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