2001 Allroad - Airbag control module...where to buy?

Bart Oleksy barto at nerdshack.com
Wed Oct 1 20:10:31 PDT 2008

I finally got my VAG-COM working, and found a bunch of faults, saved 
them, cleared them, but I keep getting an airbag error code of 65535 
(Internal Control Module - Memory Error), which I understand means I 
need a new airbag control module...  Any suggestions on the best place 
to find one? 

I suspect this isn't for a novice (with few to no tools of any worth) to 
try to replace...

What about buying a used module?  I found one (I think is the right 
part) for $150 + shipping that claims to be from a car where the airbag 
was NOT deployed, but is there some kind of reset procedure that needs 
to be done?  Dealer only, or probably OK for a VW/Audi independent to do...?

Thanks for any & all suggestions & advice...

'97 A4 2.8Q
'98 A6 QW
'01 AR 2.7T

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