FWD 5speed swap information

Dave Yentema yentemad at rider.edu
Wed Oct 8 12:12:55 PDT 2008

Thanks, what I'm going to do right now is knock up the line pressure on the 
auto trans, and put in a aftermarket cooler, as well as add a bit of type f 
fluid. this should help keep the trans happy for a while. I spoke with ben 
swann about chipping it and he said he hasn't heard of any chatostrophic 
problems although recommended leaving the 1.8 bar spring out. If I wanted 
to, I can spend  like 500 bucks on a rebuild kit and re do the entire 
autobox, with a couple extra clutch plates and it'll be able to hold up to 
300hp or so, but we'll see what happens with what i've got right now. If and 
when it dies I will deal....

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> Don't worry about anybody fussing about butchering the car,  most don't 
> care for the auto in the first place and you will be saving one from the 
> scrap yard!!!!
> I have done three auto to manual conversions for my own cars.  Although it 
> does take some mechanical ability and a little fabricating, It is not much 
> worse than some repairs that we do.
> If you really get enthusiastic about this project I can provide some help.
> Nick      central Ohio
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>> well, my car(875kt) currently has the FWD 3 speed automatic in it, and 
>> i've been considering rebuilding it for the past while in an effort to be 
>> able to chip it. I like having the auto, it makes the car very easy to 
>> drive and it always attracts a lot of attention because of the rarity.. 
>> But in order to rebuild it, it'll cost a lot of money buying a rebuild 
>> kit, extra clutches, external trans cooler, etc, etc. I'm now toying with 
>> the idea of doing a 5spd swap in it and I'm looking for some estimated 
>> prices, sources, tips, tricks, etc for doing such a swap. I know a few 
>> people that will be annoyed at me for butchering this car's originality 
>> and rarity but it's to the point now that something needs to be done with 
>> this trans before any problems arise, and I want something a little more 
>> reliable/powerful...
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