Looking for turbo and induction solution

Dave Yentema yentemad at rider.edu
Fri Oct 10 13:06:06 PDT 2008

Sorry, this isn't really helpful, but it was a lot of fun helping you tune 
that thing in and I'm glad I was able to help. but I did notice on your hard 
uphill accelarations the tubo started sounding kinda like a dieing humpback 
whale, and I had never heard a turbo sound like that before. I was going to 
mention something but I kinda figured you'd already noticed that and it was 
at least somewhat normal..
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> After solving long drawn out problem with fuel  delivery in my '83 UrQ 
> using Megasquirt
> EFI, etc. I now am finding issues when developing boost.  After hard run 
> up to
> Four-rings gathering:
> http://www.justfourrings.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=935&postdays=0&postorder=desc&start=
> 0  and spirited mountain driving there was a noted progressive power loss 
> with boost not
> developing fully.  I had good boost and nice jet engine sound going up and 
> hitting
> continued 2.5+ bar, until a noticable sound like tubine blades rubbing on 
> something
> whirring sound entered into the picture.  I also noticed more oil blow, 
> but may or may
> not be related as some was coming out of the oil cap.
> I think the k24 is dying - sounds OK when cold, but after 2 or three 
> accelerations has
> hard time making boost and that becomes associated with blade noise.  I 
> did not find
> anything injested, and so assume bearings are going south.  I have a few 
> turbos and am
> contemplating installing nice 26 rebuild I have so I don't have to change 
> oil and water
> feed lines.  If I do I'd like to see if there is a more sane way to do 
> intake,
> intercooler pluming routing.    Latest setup had starigh hose into turbo 
> with cone
> filter, and final test with no filter still had whirring noise.
> There is pretty much an open air tract into turbo with just a cone filter 
> and blowoff
> valve - just the close proximity of the outlet hose makes for difficult 
> plumbing and I
> think going with slightly larger k26 intake and outlet will  be 
> problematic with hoses
> barely fitting on the turbo since the intercooler outlet crams right next 
> to the inlet
> of the turbo.  This is still pretty much stock orientation - one of the 
> things that
> really did not change with all the mods is the intercooler and turbo 
> setup.
> If I have to pull bumper off and go through turbo swap, just getting ideas 
> what might be
> a good approach to having a good intake solution if any.  Possible FMC in 
> grille or
> reworked intercooler that gives more clearance near alternator would help. 
> There is
> much more room her than with CIS, but still things are very tight right at 
> the turbo.
> It seemed that there may even be a way to bring intake to turbo through 
> the bumper as
> there is a straight shot in there - anyone done this with some sort of 
> filter system
> located in the bumper with perhaps force air dam below.
> Pictures and ideas of tried solutions would be helpful.
> Ben
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