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> Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 13:39:04 -0700 (PDT)
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> Subject: '88Q - instrument cluster lights _and_ headlights/hi beams
>        out and...
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> ...
> In my case the issue started not too long after my coolant temperature
> light started blinking, so I don't know if that has ANYthing to do with
> this. My engine temp is OK, I've had the thermostat replaced (twice)
> the past couple years, and we've done other things to the coolant system
> since I had a leak that turned out to be due to the age of the coolant
> reservoir. But still the dash light keeps on blinking. There is a
> temperature sensor in the engine compartment that you can pull out and
> still the light blinks.

Typical multi-function temperature senor failure.  It's mounted on the
thermostat housing, driver's side of engine (LHD cars) with threaded part up
and 3-prong (newer) or 4-prong (older) wiring harness underneath.  Leaks
coolant and contacts corrode.  Replacement of sensor and cleaning or
customizing the harness with new contacts is the cure.

> ...
> I noticed that my headlights were out. Lo and behold, the rest of my
> cluster lights are out (except the blinking temperature light). My fogs
> work, as do my taillights and blinkers/emergency flashers, but no high
> beams. I've checked every fuse in the fuse box and they are all fine. My
> license plate and trunk lights seem to be OK.

Do the low beams work?
DK re: cluster lights, except to look at the rheostat/dimming switch.  There
might be a main power or ground wire failure for the cluster. The stalk
headlight switch fails with time and headlights are gone.  Replacement
should fix it and installing relays is recommended to extend its longevity.
My car was rewired with custom switches but that's more complex.

> Could these two issues be related?

Likely related by virtue of the age of the car ;o)

> Or is this likely an issue with the
> assemby that lives in the steering wheel stalk?

Happened to me, when my high beam - low and high - disappeared.

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