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Watching the R10's at Lime Rock did make it quite apparent how much torque
they had. Coming off of corners such as Big Bend, they pulled so hard that
they alone were hard to photograph, and they'd visibly gap anything that was
near. Unfortunately, the tightness of Lime Rock made it difficult for them
to get anywhere, and the lead P1 R10 ultimately had an incident (it was with
a GT backmarker, but apparently the R10 driver was at fault), thus Audi did
not emerge victorious in that event.

On 10/21/08, John Cassidy <jcassidy at> wrote:
> So, camping out in the parking lot at Laguna Seca Sports Car
> Championships last weekend, I was delightfully surprised to see a brace
> of Audi street cars doing VIP parade laps.  Beautiful cars and lucky
> bastiges driving them!!  Was that some sort of club deal?  We had to
> steal a golf cart in the middle of the night to get on the course!  BTW,
> the governor on a golf cart is not sufficient to keep speeds sane enough
> to negotiate the Rainey turn in a sensible manner, at least in a cart.
> Probably ought to have a little more air in the tires for that!  After
> all, Patron was a big sponsor of the event...
> Congrats to Werner and Luhr on the overall race win and championship!
> What was really interesting was how fast the P2 Acuras were.  The Tony
> Kanaan/Montagny car was always inches behind if not ahead right to the
> very end, with the Porsche Spyders soldiering on third.  The closeness
> of the Acuras made me wonder if the R10s were sandbagging a little bit.
> They never had much trouble overtaking for the lead, but didn't pull out
> any gap either, after 4.5 hours (with 12 cautions).  Finally, it is
> amazing just how quiet those diesels really are!
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