ACNA ballot options & information.

suffolkd at suffolkd at
Tue Oct 21 13:38:20 PDT 2008

 Just as an FYI for ACNA members.

It appears the ACNA ballot I received in the mail had (AFAIK) three candidates (nominees expressing interest to run by submitting paperwork) left off.
In reviewing the ACNA BoD minutes available to the members in the members area:,com_login/Itemid,126/
and then

It looks like the deadline submission dates were changed.
We are trying to find notice of this.

Has anyone seen or received an ACNA election mailing or notice about the Nominations deadline being changed?

There is some further discussion on Audiworld in the New England and Chicagoland threads.
If you'd like the links Email me off line as this is just an FYI.

-Scott by BOSTON


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