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I had considered that - or actually putting a tee into the return line.  

Basically some reasons for doing it the way I did.  One is simple there is limited
space. Two. By having the return line into the surge pipe/tank, any vapor would be
cleared back to the tank via return line fitting.  Three the return flow into the tank
would apply partial pressure into the pipe and allow more flow into the pump.  I thought
long and hard about this, studied similar solutions and consulted with many "experts" -
many who did not know what they were talking about and some that did.

In the end this worked!  I am even using the pump I had thought was bad just to make
sure I had the solution.


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Why not re-plumb the return line into a T right where the gravity feed goes to the pump?
If the return was fed into the feed hose instead of back to the tank it would reduce the
ammount of flow required from the restrictive bit of the feed line.

See this crappy 10-second MSPaint drawing for clarification:


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