R134a retrofit questions?

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 23 09:36:35 PDT 2008

I converted the MIL's '87 Chev Celebrity from R12 to DuraCool, one of the
propane-based refrigerants. It was uber-cheap, didn't require changing the
oil, and blows super cold, much colder than the R134A system in my '97 S6.
It's been working now for 2 summers and she is very happy with it. If I was
doing another R12 conversion, I'd personally go that route again rather than
the R134a route. The only downside is the flammable nature of the
refrigerant, and you have to label the system well to prevent some hapless
tech from looking for leaks with one of the old flame sensors.

Fred Munro
'97 S6

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Others may have different results, but every time I've tried 134a in any of
the 4 5000's that I've owned (that had working A/C bits) I've been so
dissapointed that I've switched back to R12. Living in south Florida with my
black 5000tq I could only get cold enough to just barely stop sweating with
134a (vent temps in the high 60's). With R12 it would achieve the set
temperature and vent temps in the low 50's or better.

YMMV, etc.

-Cody Forbes

Dave Yentema wrote:
> hey guys, got a couple of questions about converting the ac in my car
> (875kt)
> she has never been retrofitted to 134, and from lack of use 90% of
> the r12 is gone, its low to the point that the comp won't even run(I
> tested this by jumping the connectors on the low pressure switch) So
> after weighing out all the options, i've decided that the conversion
> is my best bet right now.
> I've seen my dad do the conversions before, and whenever he did it
> professionally he would just evacuate the r12, change the fittings,
> drop some ester oil in and charge it up with 134 (Even though this
> isn't the recommended procedure, it always worked) . He knows his
> stuff with AC, does everything the old fashioned way with just the
> manifold gauges and knows exactly what lines to touch, etc. Having
> him help me on this isn't really an option for this.
> This is what I'm picking up:
> -New receiver/drier (from AutohausAZ)
> -134a retrofit kit, not the one with the oil, but its got all the
> fittings and o-rings I'd need (also from autohaus)
> -Polymax2 oil http://www.autoacsource.com/store/coolzone_oil.html
> -Variable orifice
> tubehttp://www.acsource.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=273
> I know that the system holds about 39oz of R12, and it'll take about
> 85% of that with 134, so about 33oz?
> and how much oil does it take? I read somewhere it takes 8oz but i'm
> not sure.
> also, any reason  why I can't do all of this while its getting colder
> outside? or should I wait till springtime to try and fill er up so to
> speak
> any suggestions would be awesome
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