Alternator "brushes" Q

cobram at cobram at
Fri Oct 24 10:39:22 PDT 2008

What you want is the voltage regulator.  A pretty common part, available
from most of the FLAPS.  Two philips screws and you're done.  I needed
one for the '90 200TQA on a Sunday afternoon, and to my surprise the
local AutoZone had it on the shelf.  About $7 more than the Bosch mail
order, but still going strong.

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 suffolkd at writes:
> My 200 20V alt went from 13 v to under 12 in a week.
> Is suspect the brushes are gone.? Batteries getting weaker.
> What is the Audi part number for the brushes which insert from the 
> back?

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