Knock sensor ?

dgraber460 at dgraber460 at
Sun Oct 26 16:01:56 PDT 2008

Any experts (or non experts) know if knock sensors can be exchanged across engines?
I'm trying to diagnose why I'm getting a sporadic check engine light?in my recent 20V 3B motor in my URQ. The knock sensor with a suspect wiring at the block has a part number of 077-905-377A (& 0261-231-040).
The code stored earlier, and cleared was "00540 003 - Knock sensor (KS) 2-G66 No signal".
A sensor I picked up yesterday at the breakers [an MC engine I believe]?is 034-905-377A (& 0261-231-004).
Can these be interchanged?
Yes - the one on the motor was torqued to spec.

Dennis Graber
Denver, CO

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