Wiring diagram for Series III Coupe with 3A engine and KE-Motronic

rob rob3 at hod3.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Oct 27 13:38:21 PDT 2008

    Hi Listers,

     At the weekend I was going to troubleshoot a bad idle on my brothers car, but when I looked in the Haynes manual the wiring diagram for the ECU is only half present.

 For many of the other models in the Haynes manual the ECU diagram is spread in two parts across one page, but when it comes to the KE-Motronic just one part is featured. Look like a mistake, but it's the part I need as I wanted to check the pinout to the lamda sensor.

  So can anyone point me towards a copy of this part of the  diagram?

    Thanks Rob.


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