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I've charged up many systems that were "empty" without pulling a vacuum and
never ran into problems. Is it ideal? Of course not, but it does work from
what I've seen.

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On 10/27/08, Dave Yentema <yentemad at rider.edu> wrote:
> I broke down today and bought some of that envirosafe stuff, and i've got
> some questions for those who have done it. I picked up 3 6 oz cans, some
> stop leak(to help condition my new seals) a can of oil, a low side gauge
> and
> some oil level testers.
> I've read that you don't need to vacuum the system, and think that absolute
> BS because you can't compress air into a liquid. I don't really have access
> to a vacuum pump, but I've been told you can flush the air out of the
> system
> by running some of the refrigerant in one side and let it push the air and
> such out of the other side...
> Any BTDTs would be awesome, I'd love to know what low side pressures you
> were looking at, etc.
> Thanks,
> Dave
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