Subject: Any Skiers/Snowboarders?

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Thanks to everyone that responded to my request. Turns out a neighbor has a rack system that looks like it will fit my 
car, and he doesn't need it as he has a trailer hitch system that he now uses. I'm going to check it out this week-end.

I appreciate all of the feedback. This was brought closer to home by the inch of snow we had here in Central NJ on Tuesday!!

 Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA

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no rails or rack. I guess I need to get something like this -

Dan - the deal with racks is that the attachments (clips) that hold the feet
onto the car usually need to be specific to the vehicle. If you had an
avant, you're stoked because a cheap and easy solution is at hand. I'm not
familiar with your Honda van, but if it has a factory roof rack like an
avant, then you can buy (used or new) Yakima cross bars and use simple
hardware to bolt the cross bars to the factory rack, then bungies to hold
skis or snowboards. That's the cheapest solution and used rack parts are
easily sourced on Craig's list.

For the other cars, it's a bit trickier. You'll need to have one set of
crossbars that works with both cars. It will probably be the same. Yakima
and Thule, again, can be found used for cheap.

Then you'll need the towers to hold the crossbars. Once again, you can find
these for less used. CL will be your friend. Maybe you can even get the
complete rack - used, that will fit on one of your cars.

Then you'll need to find the "clips" that fit into the towers to hold the
whole thing onto the car. Both Thule and Yakima have them, and I would
suggest that you have the correct ones to prevent loss of rack a high
speeds. Don't skimp here. The cost of a new snowboard or some skis can
easily be more than the rack. And everything will be trashed if it flies of
your roof at 60 mph.

If the different options sound confusing, go to an REI or sporting goods
store that sells both Yakima and Thule products, write down everything you
need and then start searching the web for used stuff (there is also a chain
called Play It Again Sports that might be helpful, if they are in your

Ski and Snowboard attachments will add to the cost, and your gear can get
really dirty on the roof. Look for a used rocket box or carry your gear in
(and you can lock it, so your stuff is safe when you are in the bar) or use
ski + snowboard bags (you need these to travel on trips, anyhow, so get some
with wheels). Bungie the bags on top so your gear is protected.

Lots of ways to make this work if not for super cheap, then definitely for
much less $$$ than what you would pay for new, feel free to call me to pick
my mind. I know a few things about ski + snowboard gear, racks, etc.
Tom Winter
Editor at Large, Freeskier Magazine (
e: tom at
c: 303-525-7767

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