20v So who's seen this before?

Whitehill rhayllar at bigpond.net.au
Wed Sep 3 02:39:05 PDT 2008

When I started the car the starter motor was a bit hesitant on first attempt 
then acted normally and all was well.  I mention this because of what 
happened next. I visited a client and spent a few hours with her. After the 
visit it restarted without incident and I began to drive home. .Within a 
couple of kilometres from home the engine died and when I attempted restart 
there the started wouldn't engage even though the ignition switch seems to 
be functioning. The battery seems fine but anyway I walked home and got my 
wife to drive me back to the car. I attempted to jump start anyway but no 
response so we towed it home. What would stop the starter turning over and 
is it related to the flameout?

Hopefully someone has BTDT.  As a relatively new comer to the wonders? of 
20V I look forward to some constructive suggestions as to where to start 

Confident of some worthwhile guidance

Rick Hayllar


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